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Proprietary Methods

Sol Center is the fastest and most effective chiropractic solution because we use a little-known method of treatment that really works.

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Healing Environment

Our warm, inviting environment is purpose-built to bring peace of mind to you while you experience your treatment session.

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Path to Health

Sol Center Chiropractic is beyond getting you out of pain, it’s about getting you healthy!

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Meet Dr. Ara

If you’ve never experienced the loving warmth and gentle touch of Dr. Ara’s hand, you’re in for a treat! Dr. Ara is a master in the art of chiropractic. He uses a completely new form of treatment that only a handful of practitioners in the United States can effectively offer. Dr. Ara was trained and mentored directly with the founder of this incredibly powerful new concept in health restoration.

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Dr. Ara is a miracle man!

Maja Pakic

Holistic Researcher & Creative Writer

Dr. Ara saved me! God bless his incredible skills!

Nicos Hadjiangelis, MD, MBA

Pulmonology Critical Care Medical Doctor, BlitzCare Inc.

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