Dr. Ara Bagdassarian organized Healing/Chiropractic Mission Trips worldwide. With growing global demands and the intense need to help humanity shine just a little bit brighter, Dr Ara Bagdassarian continued to expand the possibilities to serve more and more people around the world. As people receive this service of love, they melt the hardness of their consciousness, cleanse, and get closer to their original identification of love, joy, and bliss. The locations originally focused in third world countries which had no access to chiropractic or healing, but because of the great greater demand Dr Ara slowly incorporate more countries. To Dr. Ara, it’s all about service no matter what cast, race, or creed.  The greatest offering was a service of love which outwardly appears through him via healing/chiropractic.

“The healer you are seeking is found within … chiropractors are facilitators, instruments that help you remove blocks/interference so you can express and shine brilliantly.  You are perfect and whole, the chiropractor simply removes or reduces the obstacles that dim your expression. Doing so instantly awakens your inborn healer and bring you closer to your natural state.”

As we present the opportunity for people to shine, so too do we present that same opportunity to ourselves and all others who come in contact with the ones we’ve served, hence making this world a better place to live.
The missions intention were two folds:
1) Allowing humanity to shine brighter
2) Raising money for Humanitarian Activities – Proceeds went to “Embracing the world”(ETW).
For more info on ETW please visit http://embracingtheworld.org/

Thus far Dr. Ara Bagdassarian has participated or organized missions in Brazil, Armenian, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Rep, Slovenia, Nepal and India..

Present day, Dr Ara continues his services for a few weeks on tour in various western European countries but focuses his practice in NY where patients get to experience a nice gradual climb towards health and happiness.