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“I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Dr Ara, I cannot recommend his work enough. He is a deeply intuitive healer with an extensive knowledge of listening and understanding the body. After just two sessions my body is undergoing huge transformations, the ability to release old pain old patterns and breath deeply, which for me is life changing.

Kate Ruben

Massage Therapist, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release

I met Dr. Ara Bagdassarian more than two years ago at our Church where he was doing a presentation of his skills to correct the ills that affect our bodies. At that time my concern was my bad posture that I inherited from my parents. Since that time, thru the ability that Dr. Ara possesses, he attended successfully to various ills that an 84 years old body is expected to have. I am happy to have met Dr. Ara – who knows how to listen to our bodies and correct it’s many misalignments created by wear and tear. I recommend him highly.

Elisabeth Kalustian


For about 12 months I had problems with my right shoulder and upper arm. Some movements were very painful. I had 18 physio therapeutic appointments with rather little result. My range of motion without pain got less and less after the physio stopped. A month ago I had an MRI and it showed inflammation but no other damage e.g to bones. I had two more appointments for physio therapy and then had a chance to visit NY and see Dr. Ara Bagdassarian in Queens, New York. With only one treatment of 1 hour he improved my range of my shoulder motion without pain. The range increased from 55% to 85%!! With his unique method he could do what doctors and physiotherapists had not been able to do in one whole year here in Switzerland! I had two more treatments and my mobility is at 90-95 % now. I still do have some pain but MUCH less! I will still have to cure the inflammation (he suggested some natural supplements for that) but I am very positive now. I can highly recommend Dr. Ara Bagdassarian!

Subarnamala Anke Riedel

Project Manager / Event Manager

Since nearly 2 years I have been suffering from neck pain and tried many things like homeopathy, Atlasflex, Yoga exercises, massages and so on. Nothing really worked and the pain came back soon after the treatment. This year I was travelling to New York and after the flight and with all the changes of my daily rhythm I had more pain than ever.
Luckily I made an appointment with Dr. Ara. His treatment was quite new to me but very interesting and almost pleasant as there was no pain involved.
The days after I felt the intense workings of my body, I had to rest more but felt released and my chronic neck pain was almost gone. I could move my head easily without the usual stiffness or cracking. My lower back also felt much better. Even after flying back to Europe 2 days later I felt much more comfortable than usual and still I am confident that my body got the best treatment it could get.
Unfortunately Dr. Ara lives 4000miles away. Otherwise I would visit him more often.
Thanks for the great help!
Annett Paul

Music Teacher

I started seeing Dr. Ara Bagdassarian due to back pain from sitting at work all day. What I gained from working with him went well beyond the physical body.
He was able to help me adjust to going off medication and restoring a sense of balance and trust in my body and its processes. I am also able to take deeper breaths which I learned helps one’s overall immunity and helps connect to deeper emotions. As a psychotherapist, I take on much more than physical pain from sitting all day and he is now working with me on deeper levels of healing. I highly recommend Dr. Ara to anyone in pain, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. He is gentle in manner and very attuned to whomever he has in his space.
Lisa Krimsky


I have been going to Dr. Ara for over a decade for general tune ups, as well as getting much needed adjustments during my pregnancies with my last 3 children. On one of my visits, I mentioned that my 3.5 year old daughter started snoring and was experiencing sleep apnea. When I mentioned to Dr Ara that the pediatrician had prescribed some strong nasal steroids to see if this would help, he mentioned his success with chiropractic adjustments to help with this. One visit to Dr. Ara cleared up her snoring and has helped her with her breathing at night. She sleeps really well now (and so does the rest of our household!), and we didn’t have to give her harmful medications to accomplish this. As a mother of 4 young children, I am so grateful to have such a great alternative to drugs. Dr. Ara, you are the best, and we look forward to our next visit!

Pragya Nair

Director, Indirect Procurement KIND Snacks

Initially I was reluctant to see Dr. Ara Bagdassarian due to bad experiences with chiropractors several years ago. Acupuncture and deep tissue massage helped with the persistent pain in my neck, upper and lower back and muscle tightness. The results were short lived. Within a few weeks of working with Dr. Ara I experienced a significant improvement in my back pains and muscle tightness, noticed I was taking full deep breaths in my left lung (which had been a long standing problem for me) and was walking pain free without orthotics – which I have been wearing since 1998 thinking they were a must before working with Dr. Ara! He restored balance to my system after major surgery. Dr Ara uses a chiropractic technique that treats the whole person. After working with him for the past weeks I realize there is very little he cannot handle!  Several people recommended Dr. Ara to me and now, I recommend him.
Frances Houlihan

Registered Nurse

My sessions with Dr. Ara have provided immense relief and release from past physical and emotional trauma and have greatly enhanced my overall physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, sensitive and intuitive and would recommend him to anyone.
Devadas Labrecque


Life-changing Chiropractic. Dr. Ara Bagdassarian is a kind listener who wants what’s best for his patients. His advanced working knowledge of mechanical manipulation and subtle energetic bodywork coupled with his professional and empathetic bed-side manner creates the safest environment for physical and emotional healing and integration.
Melissa Schneider

Advertising Producer

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Ara Bagdassarian. Being a lifelong skeptic of chiropractic treatments it was my last chance before proceeding with more radical interventions for an acute back pain, thigh painful numbness , all due to a disc bulging. Dr. Ara came highly recommended by my friend, so I went to see him.  From the start I felt that I can trust him. My physical ailments were quickly alleviated , but also his treatment style helped my long standing migraines, helped me to control my stress better, etc. So many benefits- I felt like the heaviness of daily burdens were taken off my shoulders, making me to stand taller in this life!
One important observation- the benefits of the sessions are felt for days and weeks, not just while having treatment done in the office. I am very grateful to my friend for introducing me to the Sol Center Chiropractic, but I am even more grateful to Dr. Ara for his talent and skills that he is so generously sharing with us. As he would say – “Blessings”!
Dr Lana Vardanian, MD

Chief Medical Officer at NYC Health and Hospitals ACO

“I walked in Dr. Ara Bagdassarian’s office with upper and lower back pain. I felt that my stance was not completely straight after a motor vehicle accident. The pain was to the point that I could not lift my 20 pound child.  Each time I tried caused complications and shooting pains. It was a serious concern to me because how can a father not lift his son when the son is begging. Dr. Ara did a careful evaluation of my stance and spine.  After the first treatment, the pain went away, my stance improved and my flexibility increased. When I went home, my partner immediately noticed that I was standing straighter and taller.  I am happy to say that I could lift my son without concerns once again.  I recommend Dr. Ara without any reservation.” Dr. Nicos Hadjiangelis, MD


Dr. Ara’s treatments made me wonder how I could have lived without it before! He is more than just a chiropractor, he’s a real healer who has both the gift and knowledge to reset one’s body and mind to default values, to natural state of harmony. It may sound like too much if I say that he is able to see deep into one’s imbalances and adjust it into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. But – seeing is believing, so you need to experience it to understand it! Maja Pakic

I suffered an unexpected lower back injury which debilitated me. I was diagnosed by my MD  with a herniated disk, but advised that surgery was not necessary or required.The problem was that I could not walk, sit or lay down to sleep without excruciating pain, After treatment with another chiropractor, I began treating with Dr. Ara who immediately tapped into my body’s needs and got to the heart of the issues very efficiently.  Within a few remarkable sessions, I was back to normal.  Dr. Ara is unique in that he evaluates his patients prior to each session by asking about the progress since the last visit and then incorporates that feedback into the current session. He is the best Michael Paul

Attorney at Law

After my initial visit, I felt more clear, slept more comfortable; had a sound sleep. My sugar craving reduced a lot and my mood became more balanced. I’m able to breathe better and feel more in tune with myself. I feel happier and in control of my life after Dr. Ara’s treatment. I highly recommend him.  Thank you Dr. Ara Linndy Sanchez

” I love the energy at SoL-Center Chiropractic. The care and healing I receive helps me to be alert, clear, focused, stress-free and healthy. Dr Ara Bagdasarian is very thorough and takes best care possible of me. ” Shaneeza Khan

Dr. Ara is an exceptional chiropractor. An extended treatment with him creates profound and enduring physical change. My regular chiropractor has verified that my posture is different and remains improved. I live 5 hours away, but when I come to NYC, I see Dr. Ara every chance I get. I can not recommend him highly enough.

Jayne A Humbert

Community Organizer-Volunteer at Obama for America

Before I came to Dr. Ara, I had very bad pains in my back and my legs. I had this problem for six years, and at times, the pain was so bad that I could not walk, bend or do any other form of movement. Before I came to Dr. Ara, I had seen three other chiropractors and they did nothing for me. I spent all my money on them and they did nothing. My problems persisted. I came to Dr. Ara, with very low expectations. By the third Adjustment, 95% of my pain was gone. I couldn’t wash my face in the morning because I couldn’t bend forward, now my head touches my knees. After the eleventh adjustment, I already feel like a newborn. I have a lot of energy to work, I can run now, and the pain is gone. If I were to tell you all the changes that have happened since the first day, like the aches and pains that I had in my eye that miraculously disappeared, or the weight that was lifted off my shoulders this testimonial would be pages long. I love to come in to be adjusted, and appreciate his touch. In short, he has surpassed me well beyond all my expectations. Nicolaie Baciu

I’ve had excruciating headaches and neck pain for the last 6 months. I took Advil and Tylenol in attempt to get rid of the pain. These drugs did not help, so I went to the medical doctor. The MD took a CAT Scan, where the results showed that everything was O.K. but I still had the pains. The MD then prescribed very strong muscle relaxants and pain relievers. These medications stopped the pain as long as I kept taking them daily. After my husband went to Dr. Ara Bagdassarian and told me he felt like a kid again, I decided to give him a try. After the first adjustment, I was amazed at the results. I woke up the next day with no pain. I stopped my medications since then and have not taken it ever since. Beyond my headaches, I have more energy and enthusiasm for life. It’s as if he found all the stress in my body and took them all out. I am very excited to see what new things will proceed to unfold as I continue care with Dr. Ara Bagdassarian. Gabriela Baciu

My Name is Dumitru Tudorie, I am 40 years old and I have very old back problems. I have seen many doctors in the past: Medical doctors, Chiropractors, Orthopedic doctors and on and on. My back problems started in 1983. Ever since that time, all the treatments that I have tried seemed to be useless. Two people made me believe there is hope. One of them was Dr. Rachitan, who works similar to Dr. Ara, and the second was Dr. Ara. I believe if you listened and worked with those blessed people, the results will show up. I believe only with this kind of treatment, a person is able to see the right direction to take towards his or her life. They will see the difference between where they were and where they will be after the treatments. No one could convince me that surgery or drugs could help you, before you take those, first you have to try these treatments. If you don’t, you lost the most important part of your life, you lost the chance to feel the difference and it is a big difference. You have to trust it and afterwards you will believe. The rest is just communication between you and the universe. Dumitru Tudorie

One of my good friends who suffered from major back pains told me about Dr. Ara and the successful experience he had with him. I was having sort of the same problems due to my job consisting of long hours in front of the computer. Sometimes I was having so terrible back and neck pains that I would go home and stay in bed without moving for 2-3 hours. Any movement would aggravate my pain and sickness. These pains were associated with dizziness, sickness, stiffness of my back. Also in that period I was dealing with a lot of stress and anger in my life. So I was thinking to give it a try and go see Dr. Ara. I started the adjustments immediately, and in less than 2 weeks the stiffness was gone. Since then, I never experienced any of those pains or sickness. In addition I have more energy, I sleep better, I was able to deal with my stress and overall I am much happier. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Ara and his work and I hope more people will seek his help. Because he give us back not only our health but, most important, our lives. Ramona Pop