Your Pathway To Health

With just a few sessions using our unique methods,
your body can start to work properly again.

It’s time to get out of pain

When most people start care, their main focus is “I want to get out of pain as quickly as possible so I can go on with my life”. Getting out of pain is the easy part. As one’s health spirals down, symptoms are the last thing to show up. In other words, there a lot of steps towards being unhealthy before symptoms actually come about. As the process is reversed and the body starts gaining control of itself and your health starts spiraling upward, symptoms are the first thing to leave the body. But the body at that point is still a wound up and tense system. All the stages that led to having symptoms are still present. Healing is a process, health is a process, just like life is a process and to truly get healthy, one needs to allow the body to run its processes. Those who follow the care plans Dr. Ara provides at Sol-Center Chiropractic notice vast improvements well beyond their initial concern or symptoms.

Dr. Ara is an expert of structural correction. The main focus at Sol-Center Chiropractic is:

  1. Allowing proper nerve function by removing interference
  2. Aligning the spine, promoting proper and healthy posture
  3. Empowering people to get healthy, stay healthy, and have the best life possible.

Points 1 & 2 above bring forth countless benefits beyond getting out of pain, some of which include:

  • Breathing easier and closer to full capacity
  • A sense of ease and peace
  • Heightened awareness of one’s body
  • Feeling and being physiologically younger
  • Mental Clarity
  • More Energy
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Getting things done more efficiently
  • Adapting better to seasonal changes
  • and much, much more

A new perspective

Perspective plays a huge part in this. For instance, how can one know how deep he/she can breathe if only use to a certain range regardless of the potential capacity the body can provide? And most often, as one gets older, that range decreases! While going through life, some days one breathes deeper and fuller then others, but still within the range the body allows. As more and more years pass, the tendency is that the range decreases as more stress factors modify the body. Reaching your optimal postural potential with proper nerve supply to the diaphragm, lungs and entire chest cavity will increase the range and depth to greater heights allowing your breathe to reach its potential capacity. This will allow heightened blood circulation which in turn promotes greater oxygen and nutrients every  cell of your body. After getting adjusted, people are amazed on their increased capacity to take a deep and full breathe.

When talking about heightened awareness of one’s body, one might be eating organic foods and exercising an effective amount a week but has a body that is wound up from all the stressors in life. The body still winds up and gets tense, as that happens, nerves get pulled. Nerves being pulled carry different messages from the brain to the body (and vice versa) then when they are in their ideal tonicity. Until the body unwinds and the tension releases promoting proper nerve function, one does not gain the sensitivities available.

The same goes true with all the other benefits. As the body unwinds and gets closer and closer to its ideal tone, simply put, you get your body back! Not only pain relief but a body that allows you to express life fuller and with more peace or joy.

Under the first month of care, most people report to us that their family, friends, or co-workers have noticed something different about them. People have told them they look:

  • Happier
  • Brighter
  • Taller
  • Lighter

Sometimes they can’t put their finger on it but simply looks different, in a good way. We have even received reports from spouses that said, “I always know when my husband gets adjusted because he listens to what I have to say, he is more patient”

The benefits of having a healthy and functioning nervous system is truly endless. As the body unwinds from all the built up stresses, traumas, and injuries, the person emerges feeling more and more in tune, clear and free from the effects of those limiting factors. The limiting factors go well beyond the aches, pains, herniations or stiffness’s. The body winds up so gradually that one might think he/she is having an off day or is tired or just slower than usual, but gradually all the stressors in life (Physical, Chemical, Environmental, Mental, Emotional etc) build up and take their toll.  When the body is free from these effects, the  result is having a body that is in its fullest potential capable to perform and express life. Most often, that is far beyond what a person thought possible before starting care.


The magic of  Sol Center Chiropractic2017-02-15 19.47.45

All Chiropractors are unique in delivering the art of chiropractic. Dr. Ara Bagdassarian, has a wide range of disciplines that attribute to his “Art form”; ranging from those learned and those created through intuition and inspiration. Dr. Ara has extensive training emphasizes in tonal/meningeal, structural, and postural adjusting as well as unlocking patterns associated with emotional/mental turbulence.  He is certified in a variety of chiropractic methods of which he has utilized throughout the world (view global missions) to serve humanity. Whether your concerns are to alleviate symptoms, to regain health,  or for wellness care, Dr. Ara can help you reach your goals and most often allow you to receive more than your expectations.

Postural and structural adjusting go hand in had.  Our Structure determines our function (eg: How does a person look when filled with enthusiasm? How does a person look when depressed?).  Likewise Function determines Structure (the way we interpret experiences mentally, emotionally and psychologically will predispose the body to certain tendencies and patterns. By making productive and positive changes in structure (your body) as displayed in our “Why us” page, you start functioning better.  People have reported their amazement on their changes … how much clearer they think, taller and better they feel etc. When they go about their day patients report that their spouse, family, friends and/or colleagues tell them, they look better, younger, healthier or have more energy, endurance, better moods etc.  The list goes on.  When your structure holds itself with better integrity all aspects of your being function better. Whether you are focusing on inner physiological changes like digestion, immunity, neural integrate or outer physiological changes like body performance, mood, vitality etc, gradually you can re-establish your body to be structurally and functionally sound. Call us today to get started 718-784-4941