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Chiropractic care is the backbone of your family’s health


Sol-Center Chiropractic offers a unique and effective method of treatment that helps people achieve new levels of health and happiness. Developed over many years by the center’s founder, Dr. Ara, the process combines powerful, time-tested modalities that are both ancient and new. Integrated together, they produce effective, long-lasting results you can feel. The core of Dr. Ara’s practice stems from a two-fold process: Body/Mind Ascertaining and Structural Integration. They allow your body’s stress and defensive mechanisms to melt away, creating the perfect environment to receive maximum healing benefit. As the body is now able to do the work itself, the positive changes can continue long after the treatment is over.

Dr. Ara founded Sol-Center Chiropractic in 2001. He brings many years of experience in yoga, body work, spinal correction, and natural health with a sincere longing to help his patients achieve maximum wellness. Most people have no idea how great they can feel. In the course of your care at Sol-Center Chiropractic, you become the proof of the work. Experience the transformation that great spinal care can achieve. Contact us for a free consultation.

Our gentle Holistic chiropractic methods prove to provide visible and beneficial changes.
Holistic is defined in two parts.
1. When viewing the body or considering the symptom, we look at the entire structure as a whole. The body is a “Single Synchronistic Functioning Unit”. One part cannot be affected without having every part be affected all at the same time. In other words the body is intimately interconnected. Therefore, when a person has a symptom, the analysis and evaluation is geared toward how the overall structure (body) holds itself in space to create that symptom/condition. What are the patterns causing the body to wind up or function less optimally? Most often the cause of the problem is not where the pain, discomfort or symptom is located.
2. Holistic based chiropractic refers to taking into account the whole person which includes mental/emotional as well as social components for the overall understanding of the condition or symptom. Are there components beyond physical orientation causing interlocking or contributing to the overall condition? Holistic based Chiropractic provides a foundation that is vastly different, separating us from limited scope chiropractic.
Yes it’s true that we have great results with people coming in for physical conditions such as back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches, fatigue, knee pain, numbness &/or tingling etc, but beyond that, we have great results with people who’s concerns stemmed from mental and/or emotional considerations. Here at Sol Center Chiropractic, we take a first hand look at the distortions, subluxations and patterns created by mental/emotional turbulence which often cause limitations or blocks in a persons’ joy, effectiveness at work, energy levels, ability to be present in the moment, be happy and so on.

Our method of finding and correcting the extensive conditions or concerns people look to handle here at SOL Center Chiropractic is simply being in a conversation with the body to determine primary patterns vs compensatory ones on all scales that they stem from.

We get results that are predictable and reproducible. These photos were taken in one session before and after our chiropractic service.  The patients are just as relaxed in the after picture as they are in the before picture with the same instructions, “Breath in, breath out, and let your body completely relax” The pictures speak for themselves, but we will point out the postural changes before and after the chiropractic adjustment at SOL Center Chiropractic to bring your attention to specific points.  Results like these are common every day occurrences here.

In the PRE photo, we see what appears to be a typical and normal body, where a person is managing life stresses but doesn’t realize how the day to day tasks have limited his performance levels. It’s a common occurrence, distortions come gradually and subtly while the body does a remarkable job compensating, leaving the individual in the least amount of discomfort possible. However over time, the effects add on.  After the adjustment, one gains the perspective understanding of how distorted the body was and can note feeling lighter, stronger, more energetic and so on simply by correcting the distortions that were previously undetected until symptoms arrived.

Before Adjustment:

  • Head leaning forward
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Chest flattened
  • Upper and mid torso slumped
  • Reducing chest cavity volume – causing less space for lungs and heart
  • Looks like he has a bit of a belly
  • Looks weighed down appearance

After 1st adjustment:

  • Remarkable improvement in every way
  • Head is straight
  • Shoulders are level with the ears and no longer slumped
  • Chest is popping up (no longer looks caved in)
  • Increased volume of chest cavity (results in breathing easier and deeper)
  • No longer slumping in the upper and mid torso
  • His so called belly disappeared and body actually looks lighter

“I feel lighter with a sense of clarity.”

Premik Tubbs


He left the office without the issues and concerns he came in with.
The fact is, when bones are stacked properly, you do not need muscles to hold them up.  You stand straight because you are straight, not because you are using muscles to set yourself into an ideal posture. We get the results others only talk about getting.

Here is another example. Picture 2 and 3 were taken within 30 minutes of each other

Before Adjustment:

  • Head leaning forward
  • Shoulders Slumped
  • Chest folding and mildly collapsing
  • Looking weighed down and heavy

After 1st adjustment:

  • Head is remarkably better
  • Shoulders set straight
  • Looking lighter and better
  • Pelvis tilted forward

After 2nd adjustment:

  • Head is level
  • Shoulders straight
  • Chest popped up and broad
  • Pelvis came back into alignment
  • Looks and feels like a different person!

Many people come to our office with many different concerns, symptoms, and conditions.  After aligning their body nearly all if not all their concerns, symptoms, or conditions go away.  They feel younger and lighter in nearly all the cases.


At the eastern tip of Fresh Meadows, chiropractic is offered with a unique quality. Along with a exceptional holistic chiropractic approaches and a warm and friendly smile, we welcoming you to your home away from home. Dr. Ara Bagdassarian, chiropractor, provides an atmosphere and environment that enlivens your spirit and embodies peace into your being. Every aspect from the colors of the walls, the decor, and even the music is mindfully and intentionally placed to promotes healing and ease.  Schedule an appointment today and enter this space of health and healing.